Why does the workforce need to upskill massively?

It is no longer a secret, technology has been developing rapidly, so rapidly in fact that many professions have already disappeared. The usual suspects we often hear are automation, AI, etc.. This is somewhat obscure as we are imagining factories full of robot arms, androids replacing humans for service work, and drones delivering everything we need. While it is happening in some cases, it is far from the majority.

Why do we need to upskill then? The truth is that the danger comes less from people having their job completely replace but rather from people not adapting to new needs that the job market requires.

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Digital Skills

We are in the digital era, however, do not make the mistake to think that it means more jobs for software engineers or developers. Every field is digitalized which means there are new skills, processes, and best practices that come into play. Being a customer service employee is not just being comfortable talking on the phone anymore, it is the ability to quickly juggle through different tools, understanding payment gateways and logistic software or having the ability to quickly find and understand data. Without adapting to those needs, people that would usually apply for this kind of employment would not even be considered if they do not show some form of digital literacy. 

Many people do not have the opportunity to go to university and not everybody can become an Artificial Intelligence or Space engineer, however, there are many other fields that are valuable in the digital era that is within reach for most people, or, if you wish to continue if your line of work, many tools that can be found online to prepare for the disruption and will turn you into a valuable, higher value-added employee.

Post COVID-19 world


The unprecedented worldwide quarantined that is currently happening, is very well demonstrating the precarity of a very large number of workers. The Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry, and Banking (JSCCIB) reported that in Thailand 7 million jobs are at risk, with an overwhelming majority of low skilled workers. Low added value activities are not sustainable in an economy with fragile balance, the competitive market of tomorrow will be even fiercer than it is today. If a country cannot find qualified workers to fuel a high value-added economy, mass unemployment, recessions, and dire situations will likely arise. 

While it is difficult to have a one fit all solution at the scale of countries, at the scale of the individual, if you wish to take your future into your own hands, you can already start the upskilling process, no better place to start than the Adaptivity Discord server where you will meet like-minded people and will able to listen and talk to industry experts and recruiters from hiring companies.

The world is changing once again, and it’s time to pick a side. Do you want to be in the “in-danger” group and face the risk of low-paid low-security jobs or become a highly adaptable and effective professional?

The choice is yours and in case you picked the latter, join people who did the same.  

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