Career Disruption #4 | Personal Fitness Industry [ENG]

+ How social distancing affects the personal fitness industry
+ Creating an experience for virtual fitness
+ The nuts and bolts for running the personal fitness business
+ How will the fitness industry survive through disruption . . .

Meet the Adaptive Talent from the personal fitness industry

  • Jack Thomas - Founder & CEO, Base
  • Christiana Mikesch - Founder, Quarantine Tribe

Key Point Summary

Be Professional
  • Look after your team, they are you touchpoint with clients
  • Look after your client, keep them fit, even without the gym
Shift from Offline to Online
  • Offer virtual training session instead of in-person
  • Breaking the geographical barrier open doors to wider audiences
Monetizing Virtual Fitness
  • Make sure that the experience is well-produced
  • People value personalization and human interaction with trainers
Starting Out the Business
  • Leverage an existing community you are a part of
  • Move fast and start small on day one
The Future of the Fitness Industry
  • People are now aware of virtual fitness
  • For gym to thrive, the in-person experience needs out weights the convenience of virtual experience


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