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At Adaptivity, we guide individuals to become employable in the Digital Economy. By bringing humanity to technology, we prepare today, the Adaptive Talents paving tomorrow.
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Our Program

Grow beyond your goals with Adaptivity Mentorship Program


Digital Adaptivity Assessment

Your journey of becoming an adaptive talent starts with a 10 minutes Digital Adaptivity Assessment which helps you assess your digital mindset, behaviors, logic, and how you foster relationships digitally. Plus! It will also give you insights regarding your digital compatability.

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1-on-1 Online Mentoring

Explore your endless possibility in the digital economy by talking to our mentor who will help you in -

Discovery: Find your hidden digital talent through the Digital Adaptivity Assessment result, and clarifying your goal to a tangible objective - explore the most fitting digital career options.

Upskilling: Grow your potential, equipping you with the most relevant skill stack required in the digital economy.

Employability: With the hard skill nailed down, you are now ready to tackle your presentation - show-off your capability with your portfolio, make you desirable by building an impressive resume.

*The introductory session is available in a special prize! Book the first 1-on-1 online mentoring session for only 189 THB! after completing the Digital Adaptivity Assessment.

PLP feature

Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)

Once we know your endgame, we set up a roadmap with multiple learning milestones that are specific to your profile and tailored to your needs.

Get access to mobile bite-sized and addictive content curated by your Digital Mentor and be ready to tackle the market with an unfair advantage compared to others!

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Our Packages


1,400 THB/Session




1 Personalized Learning Plan

4 SESSIONS (Popular)

900 THB/Session

*3,600 THB in total

8 Weeks mentoring session

4 Personalized Learning Plan


700 THB/Session

*8,400 THB in total

24 Weeks mentoring session

12 Personalized Learning Plan

* Our first online mentoring session is 189 THB! For everyone who completed the Digital Adaptivity Assessment

Let's jump into the digital economy!

If you are looking to take your first step into the digital economy, whether you are:

  • Someone who would like to cross over from traditional into the digital economy
  • A middle-management in a traditional company pushing for digital transformation
  • A business owner that wants to stay relevant by applying knowledge to your business
  • A knowledge seeker who wants to upskill to thrive in the digital economy

We've got your back! Start your journey by taking the Digital Adaptivity Assessment - see you in the 1-on-1 online mentoring session.

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1-on-1 Mentoring

Digital Adaptivity Assessment

Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)

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