About Adaptivity

Get to know Adaptivity Team, the journey we set out for, who is here with us, and how we plan to make the world a better place.

What is Adaptivity?

Adaptivity is the 4th industrial revolution education platform specialized in digital education and career reinvention in today’s most highly demanded skills.

We bridge the gap between job seekers and companies needing talents with relevant digital skills by providing innovative courses and career coaching services. 

We educate motivated individuals aspiring to work in the digital economy through pioneering, experiential education in tech, data science, business model, digital marketing . . .

Bridging the Digital Skill Gap
Leveraging Technology

We educate leading companies aiming to leverage technology to fuel their success by providing lifelong learning solutions to their employees. 

Adaptivity brings humanity to technology and prepares today's leaders in paving tomorrow.

Adaptive Vision

At Adaptivity, our ultimate ambition is to provide the right of 21st-Century employability for everyone, today.

Vision Digital Empowering

We empower motivated people, regardless of background, age, experience, or financial ability, to survive and thrive during the digital transformation era.

We guide individuals to become Adaptive Talents - those who can adapt in any situation, leveraging no matter how little resources they might have.

We shape digital mindsets and leadership potential by providing the compass people will need to adapt.

We solve the problem of digital career access to minorities and underprivileged people by increasing upward social mobility and accelerating economic development.

Vision Digital Mindset

By bridging humanity to technology, we bridge the digital skills gap

Adaptivity Team

The team pioneering the path through the 4th industrial revolution.


Djoann Fal

Co-Founder, Chairman


Remi Mouton

Co-Founder, CEO


Mint, Prin M.

Co-Founder, COO


Matthieu Douziech

Co-Founder, CSO

Adaptive Partners


GetLinks Group is the platform and ecosystem connecting talents to opportunities int he new 4.0 workplace.
Accelerated by GetLinks Group, Adaptivity benefits from GetLinks network of users, clients and investors that have been supporting the digital transformation of the world biggest pool of millennial talents.