Welcome to The Adaptive Economy

Copy of Adaptivists #4

Welcome to The Adaptive Economy (Co-written by Adaptivity's Chairman)

My name is Taylor Kwok and I am a rising junior studying physical therapy at Boston University.

Why am I writing this article surrounding a topic almost on the opposite spectrum of my field for a company based in Thailand? During COVID-19 I was lucky enough to receive an internship at Adaptivity. Excited and curious about this foreign world of technology and innovation, I had no idea what was really in store for me.

My life prior to this internship was focused on doing well in school. In my school campus bubble, it was easy to be unaware of the countless issues going on in the world. However, once COVID-19 began, I quarantined for months at home, where my only access to the outside world became through the internet. Here, I quickly began to see the disastrous state our world is in.

Working with Djoann Fal on The Adaptive Economy has opened my eyes to the necessity to focus on the future and not just live in the moment. While at first I saw the internship as tasks I just needed to complete, the more I read, the more I realized that by staying uninformed and doing nothing, I was actively taking a backseat and watching the Earth fall apart.

If we want to survive in our lifetime as well as future generations of humanity, we need to start focusing on the industries and opportunities that will enable the continuity of humanity’s existence. Curious?

Do you want to have a future in the disruptive world we are entering?

You are ready to take control of this future to make a difference?

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