The E-Sports Industry

The E-Sports Industry


Ever heard of League of Legends? I’m sure you have at some point in your life. The MMORPG has exploded in the past few years and is one of the many games that has truly catalyzed the explosion of the E-Sports industry. This is an industry that during COVID-19 has flourished even more, with tournaments such The Warzone Tournament  helping to raise money for COVID-19 as well as players just having more time than ever to put in those hours and get those wins. According to a report by Forbes, tournament prize money increases on average 342% yearly, and the industry itself is projected to make over $1b in revenue in just 2020.

The traditional sporting industry is already in decline while in comparison, E-sports jobs are some of the least currently in danger, as seen in the table below.

The E-Sports industry’s growth stems not only from its accessibility to both players and viewers but also a participation aspect compared to regular sports. It is much quicker and easier to learn and enjoy a video game such as Overwatch than to train and have access to the time, sport facilities and people to become a football player. As the growth of the E-sports industry continues, at the same time, jobs in the regular sports industry will be replaced by robots, slowly driving the transition further towards total E-sports. All this clearly shows that the E-sports industry is the place to be, and if you want to learn more, read The Adaptive Economy.



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